Welcome to the mad science lab, where you will find FREE generic products for your Bare Bones Beyond or other role playing games. Keep the stories alive with new discoveries and developments by always expanding your game library. You and your friends will always find something useful here.

Many things here are intended to be generic for any game.


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Downloadable Character Sheet

Click Here to download PDF of Demo character sheet for Bare Bones Beyond.
Click Here to download a copy of the newest Worlds of Pulp Bare Bones Beyond sheet With Added Crunch!

Radio Greats
Old time radio shows. These classic shows are for your entertainment.

Random Generators for Worlds of Pulp hero games.
All results on following generators are completly random and complient with Bare Bones Beyond (B3). With the use of the Alien Generator (GM permission), bonuses would be added on top of basic character generation.

Jungle Name
Name original jungle realm.
  Headquarters Original superhero headquarters name. 
 APA Character Amazing Pulp Adventures, original hero. Mastermind Mastermind villains for Rotwang City.
 Description Physical descriptions for characters. Mission Theme Random theme for superhero adventure.
 EventDetailed hero events. Rum Road Rotwang City underground labyrinth.

 Barbarian Name Create Names inspired by the  style of Robert E. Howard's Hyborean Age. Battle dangerous foes in Low Fantasy!
 V'Lusian Name Create a name for a character from the crumbling empire of V'Lusia. More names for Low Fantasy.            

Space Opera Generators

 Alien Species
 Create original alien species for your game in the style of Bare Bones Beyond.                        
 Pulp Planet
 Randomly generate a planet for your space opera campaign or story.                      
 Pulp Robot
 Randomly generate a robot for your space opera campaign or story.                    
Pulp Spaceship
 Randomly generate a spaceship name and description for your space opera campaign or story.        
 Warlord Namer
 Create an original warlord for your space opera game. Inspired by classic pulp.                                                

Horse Opera (Western) Generators

Western Story Generator
 Give your western stories added character with an interesting western title.                                                                      
Character Generator  
 Create a basic western character for a Bare Bones Beyond adventure!                                                         
Watering Hole
 Name a Saloon for western game or fiction.                                                     
 Ghost Town              
 Need an original town for a western game? Name a town in the style of Wild West Horse Opera.
 Western 3-act Story
 Create an original western plot for fiction or for stories; including: plot, 3 acts and final chapter.

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Back Issues: Classic Pulp

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