The geography and philosophy of the Scaldcrow World is detailed below; even though there are not ink-printed game books for each location, they are no less a part of the creative paradygmn of the Scaldcrow world.. We rarely use real-world cities as the backdrop of our games and comics, but rather fictional ones. We do this because T. Glenn approaches towns and cities the same way he approaches characters; he treats them as unique personas with personalities, strengths, and foibles, all their own. In many cases the fictitious  cities have completely replaced the real-world equivalent.

The listed information is by no means all of the places that are unique to each city, simply a sampling that may aid you to get a feel for the location. Eventual game guide books will have complete information.

Urban Centers of North America

Bloodroot Abbey, Massachusetts: Located between Salem and Glouchester, this is a small and venerable city, home to only 24,400 citizens. Though this city has modern advancements, its roads and architecture seem somewhat shabby and run-down, resembling gothic details that belong to an earlier time. In truth many of the buildings date back over 250 years. 

Bullet: Bullet was originally described as a fictional western town in the comic, , now in the public domain. This version of the city is unique to Scaldcrow Games.

Cape Noire: This location is Ron Fortier's intellectual property and only exists in the RPG setting due to its existence as a game book, and does not exist in the comic/fiction verse. References to this location in the comic verse will only refer to it as a dark city on the Oregon Coast. Cape Noire is located where the real city of Coos Bay is on an actual US map.  Get Cape Noire

Cardinal City: This city replaces the real-world location of Indianapolis. It is located in Indiana  and is considered a cultural, diplomatic, and educational center. The city is an inviting, ultra-modern setting.

Crossroads: Located in California, east of the coast, is Crossroads. It is a city that rests on a powerful magical vortex, where multiple ley lines cross. The magical energy is incredible and those that are magical practitioners are even more powerful. 

District City: Located on the western coast of Florida, District City is by far, the most culturally technologically diverse city. Each district is carefully partitioned to contain a specific kind of commerce and functionality.

Halcyon: This man-made island in the mid-Atlantic is an advanced trade center, that invites commerce primarily from Europe, Africa and and the Americas. It stands diplomatically independent of foreign control. This city-state is a nexus of international trade, and international crime. It is home to many heroes, who have come to call it home. Halcyon literally means a span of time of happiness and peace. It is also home to numerous international investigative, espionage, and peacekeeping organizations. 

New Colossus: Located east of the Caribbean, lies this island City-State. It was artificially created by the United States of America and was designed to combine the artistic beauty and stalwart design principles of the ancient world;   it has elegance of Greece and the Solid architectural Structure of Rome. Stature and structure are not only represented in the physical aspects of this magnificent city but also in the education and philosophies of this exemplary hulk.  

New Corvus: Located in New Jersey, New Corvus is a city on the the very edge of biological engineering. It boasts the greatest biological schools in advanced sciences, as well as many of the greatest biological labs. New Corvus is best known for their specialized bioroid police force, called the crow guard. These specialized officers appear human, but have DNA mixed with crows, giving them advantages in teamwork and mass communication.

Old Bailiwick: Located on the Maryland coast, Old Bailiwick is home to many successful retail businesses, media groups, magazines, and clubs. Tourism, business, and travel are the principle features of this city. Darkness and danger await any tourists who leave the well-lit streets and busy shipping centers, in favor of shadowed and sleepy avenues. Some unfortunates may find themselves in Tiger Valley, also called Little Mongolia, which resides near the heart of the city.

Pit City: Some city prosper, while others fail. Some cities crash like a rock through a glass table. Pit City is such a city. Law and order have collapsed in this once prosperous urban center. Murder and violence are commonplace and the law is so far behind they have lost track of exactly who has done what. Riots and gang violence are common here. Insurance companies won't even cover business or individuals who reside in this intraurban war-zone.

Cabeza De Playa: Literally meaning "Beach Head," this bucolic village on the edge of the Brazonian coast is an attractive and quiet getaway from the many challenges of larger metropolitan areas. Nearby however hidden deep within an inlet lagoon, called Cala Pirata (Pirate Cove), is Cueva De Contrbadistas (Smugglers Caves), where a very active band thieves, raiders, and pirates still operate from actively.

Ridge City: Located in the harsh desert of Arizona, this city was once known by another name; it was the infamous fast-gun town of Slow Funeral Ridge. Since the time of the wild west, it has sought to reimagine itself as a modern, dynamic, urban center. The remains of the original ghost town still sit on its fringe, standing as a remainder of its humble beginnings. 

Rotwang City: Located where Georgia touches South Carolina, Rotwang City is a venerable metropolis who origins lie well before the American Revolutionary War when powerful aristocrats, called the Knaves, thought to command a shadowy nation of their own. Now, caught between the clutches of Knave, Gangster, and Magnate influences, this dark and seedy city has a well-deserved reputation for criminal violence and corruption. Get Rotwang City

Sapphire City: The City of Tomorrow, Today! is the intellectual property of Davey Beauchamp. References to this game city in our other books, will generally refer to it as the City of Tomorrow. The story of this fantastic begins shortly before the outbreak of WWII. It is full of over-the-top heroes and satisfyingly sinister villains. The city was designed to capture the feel of Golden Age Comics, and delivers with an exciting and jarring flare that only Davey Beauchamp can deliver. Get Sapphire City

Shadow Plaza: Located in northern Virginia, Shadow Plaza is a smaller city tucked into a niche on the banks of the James River, near Norfolk. It hosts national headquarters to several federal agencies, including: S.P.I. (Shadow Plaza Investigation, similar responsibilities as the F.B.I.; also has federal powers), Project Spysmasher (espionage and counter espionage), D.D.I. (Defense Department Investigation; similar to SPI, but with intramilitary jurisdiction); and the office of the E.D.F. (Earth Defense Fleet; military branch), and J.I.A. (Jovian Intelligence Agency; similar to the C.I.A. but with powers and interests throughout our solar system). 

Sunshine Strip (aka Franja De Sol): This is a busy resort city, on the southeastern edge of the Florida. It has a large Latino population. Many people come here for the beaches, the Caribbean food, rich festivals, and abundant night life. The city also houses the Frederick Institute of Oceanic Studies,  the most advanced oceanic institute in the Americas.  

With the tourists and a rich tourist strip of businesses, there is also a poorer crime ridden  area, called Franja De Sombra (Shadow Strip).  Here street gangs roam the streets, particularly the 711 Club (the numbers 7 and 11 correspond to the letters G and K, meaning guns and knives). They primarily hang out at the It-Marts, located all over the city.

Tommy Town: This modest urban area is too small to be called a city by many and too large to be confused with one of the numerous two-stoplight towns that dot the Indiana landscape. The most remarkable thing about this quiet town, is its proximity to Cardinal City; it is nearby enough to provide anyone with designs in the larger city, a safe place to stage; it is also out of the way enough to provide a good place to hide or get away to. The natural complacency of the town keeps them overconfident in their own safety, and completely oblivious to the possible threat that nearby Cardinal City could cause to come their way. 

Twilight Metro: Sometimes called the Rotwang of the North, this venerable city lies equidistant between Newark and Moonachie New Jersey, in the Rutherford area. The city is home to the poverty stricken and the rich and powerful alike.  Small, but powerful, Corporations take advantage of a steady supply of low wage earners to populate the many small factories in the area. Gangs are common in the city, and violent conflicts often break out  in the seedy back streets and labyrinth-like alleys that crisscross the bloody, urban tapestry.

International Cities


  • Hohe Bogen: An old city of wealthy, aristocracy. These are not people who are active in industry, but rather the super elite, whose wealth builds nations, and topples regimes. 


  • Coral Reef: A beautiful urban resort, nearby the great barrier reef. It is a center for tourism, surfing, and car races. There is also a healthy film industry in this clean, and attractive city.


  • Fogport: Very old city, nearby to London. Mysteries, politics, and crime, cast a cowl over the small, but tightly packed city like a thick fog.


  • Tranquille: This beautiful region of France has a rich history of war, peace, art, and scientific innovation. The politicians and diplomats from Tranquille are some of the best in the world.
  • Vignoble: This part of France is well known for art and vineyards. There are families who have been operating their vineyards and wine house for hundreds of years. Every wine merchant knows every other wine merchant. In fact, bootlegging and wine smuggling are noy unheard of here; some wine merchants have questionable contact. 
  • Eterna: This ancient city in Italy goes back to Roman times, sharing similar history with Rome itself. Eterna was not the center of military might, or political ambition that Rome was, but instead was a more quiet valley, where powerful men kept their families and farms. Because of its relative safety from the clashing of Roman military, Eterna was able to grow and prosper, with the wealth that was sent home by senators, generals, and others of imperial power. Today, notable families preside over universities, which populate the Eterna Valley, like fortresses and cities of higher learning. The universities protect themselves and their students from their rivals with walls and architecture dating back to ancient Rome. There are also Opera houses, museums, and other pursuits of the powerful and the leaned. 
  • Pugno: Perhaps, one of the most war-torn parts of Italy, this city, at the very end of the Italian peninsula, has been forefront in battles and conquest, suffering the brunt of military brought by all of Italy's enemies to its shores. It also boasts highly active ports, walled cities, and an infamous underground, made up of assassins, spies, smugglers, and racketeers. The city is diverse, with blood ties to most conquerors and traders that ever spent time in its ports; most citizens of Pugno, speak numerous languages, and have family and contacts in foreign lands.

Countries of the World

Brazonia: This is a south American country, located along the Amazon.

Chi'land: Ancient oriental country, known for supernatural mysteries, desperate political spies, enigmatic mystics, and fantastic martial artists. This country is domineering and manipulative, posing a threat to all civilized people of the world, particularly its own Asian neighbors. 

Kawali: This is a small country on the Northern Border of South Africa. It has been in endless civil war within its own borders as well as violent conflict with the city-state of Kor.

Kor: A South African City-State ruled by the eternal Ayesha, or She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed. She is a God-Queen who commands a host of Shamans, as well as practitioners of the dark arts. All of her cabinet of sub-commanders and magistrates are Practitioner Witchdoctors (carefully balanced science and black magic). Kor is currently in a seemingly endless war with Kawali. 

Klauw Island; Small island, city state located southeast of the Caribbean, due east from south America

Invictus: Invictus is an artificial island city-state that is the home of the displaced extraterrestrial people, named the Sahv. 

Raven Rock Island: This island, off the Atlantic Coast was once a scientific institute, specializing in robotics; later it became a training compound for the USA's most incredible heroes and special armed forces; finally it became a tiny island nation.

Rokea: This is a tiny, war-like Asian nation, that routinely stands up to the world's mightiest nations and intimidates them with its willingness to enter into war.

Swisslakia: Bordering Germany, this nation is a producer of masterwork military equipment. It is a place of ancient power and mystery. Vampires and other creatures of the night are found in this one-time Axis nation. It is featured in a board game, located in the back of this Free Product. Swisslakia was a fctitious nation featured in many Golden Age comics. It is public domain, though our version is not. Get Free Product

Rustige Stad: The name means Quiet Town, but it has rarely had that opportunity. The City of Rustige Stad separated from the country of Swisslakia and declared itself a city-state. Its leader is an android, that calls itself Christopher Adams. Adams has a robot factor, called a Tea-Factory, that produces super-powered military robots, called Floyds. Each Floyd is unique and belongs to a specific series of Floyds. Following is a Floyd generator for Bare Bones Beyond With Added Crunch (B3+). Create Floyd   

Volcania: Located on the coast of the Black Sea is a picturesque country. Its architecture is marble with Greek style columns, comfortable homes with inviting windows and doorways, decorated by beautiful plants. These beautiful communities are found on the beaches and cliff faces of Volcania, The ancient city was founded by Witches who were driven out of their homelands. Magical and occult power is common in this place, and even though the land is beautiful by anybody's standards, the Volcanian people are still distrusted and persecuted.

Extraterrestrial Land Dominions  

Crater City: This is a terran colony established by the EDF (Earth Defense Fleet) on Mars.

Lyonesse: This is a mystical land, that was once part of the Arthurian world, at least, until it swallowed up by the sea. It is located in an intra dimensional space, who entrance is in the base of the Mariana Trench, the very pit of the ocean. The entrance is a crack in the seawall of the trench, which leads into a Labyrinth that eventually leads back out seemingly the same crack. Instead of Earth being the destination, it leads, instead, allows into a lagoon, at the edge of Lyonesse. This is a land of heroes of Arthurian origin, though equipped with modern and advanced technology. This is a fantastic world of mage-tech, and monsters. To return to Earth, the Labyrinth must be entered and traversed a second time. Here is an Arthurian Style name generator, for creating appropriate names for the Citizens of Lyonesse.   

Monsutra: An artificial planetoid that was created for the single purpose of housing monsters, and kaiju, that would have been otherwise destroyed on Earth. This planatoid was created by Jackson Franklin Kent, Maximillian Newton, and Raven Chylde. The location of the planetoid is maintained with the stricted security, and guarded by the most fantastic genetic warriors, called Atticare. They are bioroids, who look human, but are in fact created from the DNA of Dai-Kaiju. Their force is called Tiger-Jaeger (Tiger Hunter).  Kaiju Namer

New Earthport:

  • Badhatten: Meant to be a recreation of Earth's Manhattan on a distant moon, the experiment of simply creating a new Earth habitat by exactly duplicating a successful terrestrial city, failed. It neither thrived or prospered, but rather suffered from economic neglect and the failure Earth to provide adequate guardianship by the EDF (Earth Defense Fleet).  Violence erupted on the streets as rival factions warred openly for the limited resources. The human of Badhatten were almost feral in comparison with their Terran brethren. This is not considered a colony by the EDF, but rather a Shadow Empire and forbidden zone.

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