The geography and philosophy of the Scaldcrow World is detailed below; even though there are not ink-printed game books for each location, they are no less a part of the creative paradygmn of the Scaldcrow world.. We rarely use real-world cities as the backdrop of our games and comics, but rather fictional ones. We do this because T. Glenn approaches towns and cities the same way he approaches characters; he treats them as unique personas with personalities, strengths, and foibles, all their own. In many cases the fictitious  cities have completely replaced the real-world equivalent.

The listed information is by no means all of the places that are unique to each city, simply a sampling that may aid you to get a feel for the location. Eventual game guide books will have complete information.

Urban Centers of America

Bloodroot Abbey, Massachusetts: Located between Salem and Glouchester, this is a small and venerable city, home to only 24,400 citizens. Though this city has modern advancements, its roads and architecture seem somewhat shabby and run-down, resembling gothic details that belong to an earlier time. In truth many of the buildings date back over 250 years.

The City Government is operated by Mayor Silas Hall, a mysterious aristocrat with a a past tainted by miscreant behavior, scandall and reckless indulgence. 

  • Quiet Corners Asylum, for the criminally insane
  • Mansion of Lord Manorhouse (an alias used by Count Dracula)

Bullet: Bullet was originally described as a fictional western town in the comic, , now in the public domain. This version of the city is unique to Scaldcrow Games.

Cape Noire: This location is Ron Fortier's intellectual property and only exists in the RPG setting due to its existence as a game book, and does not exist in the comic verse. References to this location in the comic verse will only refer to it as a dark city on the Oregon Coast. In our verses Cape Noire has replaced the city of Coos Bay on the map.  

Cardinal City: This city replaces the real-world location of Indianapolis. It is located in Indiana  and is considered a cultural, diplomatic, and educational center. The city is an inviting, ultra-modern setting.

The city government is operated by Mayor Martha McKray
The city is also home to venerable (and villainous) Senator Crowe's reclusive mansion.

  • A.J.A.X., A.R.M., A.N.G.L.E. and T.O.P organizations are all located here
  • United Horizon Building (U.N. for starfaring nations)
  • Copernicus University for advanced stellar studies
  • Earth Defense Fleet Control Center (E.D.F.)
  • Cybernetic Planet Patrol
  • Starpoint (it an elite officer training camp for the E.D.F.)
  • Various Non-Terran-Alien Embassies are located here. 


District City:


New Colossus

New Corvus:

Old Bailiwick:

Pit City:

Ridge City:

Rotwang City:

Sapphire City:

Shadow Plaza:

Sunshine Strip (aka Franja De Sol):

Tommy Town:

Twilight Metro

International Cities


Hohe Bogen:


  • Coral Reef;


  • Fogport:


  • Tranquille:
  • Vignoble:
  • Eterna:
  • Burya:
  • Volki:

Countries of the World





Klauw Island; Small island, city state located southeast of the Caribbean, due east from south America


Raven Rock Island:



Rustige Stad: The name means Quiet Town, but it has rarely had that opportunity.


Extraterrestrial Land Dominions  

Crater City:



New Earthport:

  • Badhatten

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