The geography and philosophy of the Scaldcrow World is detailed below; even though there are not ink-printed game books for each location, they are no less a part of the creative paradygmn of the Scaldcrow world.. We rarely use real-world cities as the backdrop of our games and comics, but rather fictional ones. We do this because T. Glenn approaches towns and cities the same way he approaches characters; he treats them as unique personas with personalities, strengths, and foibles, all their own. In many cases the fictitious  cities have completely replaced the real-world equivalent.

The listed information is by no means all of the places that are unique to each city, simply a sampling that may aid you to get a feel for the location. Eventual game guide books will have complete information.

Urban Centers of America

Bloodroot Abbey, Massachusetts: Located between Salem and Glouchester, this is a small and venerable city, home to only 24,400 citizens. Though this city has modern advancements, its roads and architecture seem somewhat shabby and run-down, resembling gothic details that belong to an earlier time. In truth many of the buildings date back over 250 years.

Bullet: Bullet was originally described as a fictional western town in the comic, , now in the public domain. This version of the city is unique to Scaldcrow Games.

Cape Noire: This location is Ron Fortier's intellectual property and only exists in the RPG setting due to its existence as a game book, and does not exist in the comic verse. References to this location in the comic verse will only refer to it as a dark city on the Oregon Coast. In our verse Cape Noire has replaced the city of Coos Bay on the map.  

Cardinal City: This city replaces the real-world location of Indianapolis. It is located in Indiana  and is considered a cultural, diplomatic, and educational center. The city is an inviting, ultra-modern setting.

Crossroads: Located in California, east of the coast, is Crossroads. It is a city that rests on a powerful magical vortex, where multiple ley lines cross. The magical energy is incredible and those that are magical practitioners are even more powerful. 

District City: Located on the western coast of Florida, District City is by far, the most culturally technologically diverse city. Each district is carefully partitioned to contain a specific kind of commerce and functionality.

Halcyon: This man-made island in the mid-Atlantic is an advanced trade center, that invites commerce primarily from Europe, Africa and and the Americas. It stands diplomatically independent of foreign control. This city-state is a nexus of international trade, and international crime. It is home to many heroes, who have come to call it home. Halcyon literally means a span of time of happiness and peace. It is also home to numerous international investigative, espionage, and peacekeeping organizations. 

New Colossus: Located east of the Caribbean, lies this island City-State. It was artificially created by the United States of America and was designed to combine the artistic beauty and stalwart design principles of the ancient world;   it has elegance of Greece and the Solid architectural Structure of Rome. Stature and structure are not only represented in the physical aspects of this magnificent city but also in the education and philosophies of this exemplary hulk.  

New Corvus:

Old Bailiwick:

Pit City:

Puerto de Vidrio:

Ridge City:

Rotwang City: Located where Georgia touches South Carolina, Rotwang City is a venerable metropolis who origins lie well before the American Revolutionary War when powerful aristocrats, called the Knaves, thought to command a shadowy nation of their own. Now, caught between the clutches of Knave, Gangster, and Magnate influences, this dark and seedy city has a well-deserved reputation for criminal violence and corruption.

Sapphire City: The City of Tomorrow, Today! is the intellectual property of Davey Beauchamp. References to this game city in our other books, will generally refer to it as the City of Tomorrow. The story of this fantastic begins shortly before the outbreak of WWII. It is full of over-the-top heroes and satisfyingly sinister villains. The city was designed to capture the feel of Golden Age Comics, and delivers with an exciting and jarring flare that only Davey Beauchamp can deliver.

Shadow Plaza:

Sunshine Strip (aka Franja De Sol):

Tommy Town:

Twilight Metro

International Cities


  • Hohe Bogen:


  • Coral Reef;


  • Fogport:


  • Tranquille:
  • Vignoble:
  • Eterna:
  • Burya:
  • Volki:

Countries of the World





Klauw Island; Small island, city state located southeast of the Caribbean, due east from south America


Raven Rock Island:



Rustige Stad: The name means Quiet Town, but it has rarely had that opportunity.


Extraterrestrial Land Dominions  

Crater City:



New Earthport:

  • Badhatten

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