FAQ for Scaldcrow Products

10¢ Copy

    Q: What exactly are 10¢ Copies, and are they ten cents?
    A: First of all, they are free. The name is a homage to early pulps at newsstands. They will be coming out the first of every month. They are unedited, rough manuscripts or story ideas that work with the B3 rules. They may be good for a couple of pick-up games or one offs. They may actually take off at your gaming table and be popular with your group. However you feel about the 10¢ Copy, let us know by emailing us at BigPulp@Scaldcrow Games.com. If people like them, we may develop them into a finished product. If we use your suggestions in the final product, we will credit you in the release and send you a copy of the finished release.
    Q: Why would you give away free game materials?
    A: We want your feedback. The polished products will not be free. The free version will only be available for a week or two.

Bare Bones Beyond (B3)

  1. BARE BONES MULTIVERSE: Where is it?
    What happened to Bare Bones Multiverse?
    A: BBM was improved, dedicated for pulp, and relaunched as B3.
  2. BOXCARS: 
     What are they and why are they important?  ~Eric T.
    A: Boxcars are when you roll double sixes. Each time you roll boxcars durring game play, you should record on your sheet. These Boxcar awards can be very useful. Alternativly, GMs may award boxcars, which add to the score on your sheet. You may spend boxcars points at any time to add an equal number of pips as a bonus to a roll. The boxcars allocated to the roll are used, whether or not the roll succeeds. Boxcars may not be spent to penalize somebody else's roll. Boxcars may not be spent on training rolls.
    Can conditions stack like abilities? Is there a more full description of Conditions?  ~Eric T.
    A: Conditions may not stack with abilities for the purpose of gaining additional successes, however, relevant conditions may be stacked for the purpose of penalizing a character's roll. In an example where a character is trying to disarm an explosive device, they roll their demolitions and gain three successes, but they have a condition "nervous under pressure." They roll the condition and it produces two successes. In this instance, the the final success would be one. Three successes for the ability, minus two successes from the condition.
         Otherwise, conditions tend to be all-or-nothing. A character attempts to chase a villain down a dark hole. The character has fear of dark places. A success is yielded by the condition. The character looks for an alternative, unwilling to pursue the target into the hole.
         Like abilities, elective conditions are defined according to the player's vision.
    So let's say a character wants to use a gadgeteering-style ability to create a device. How would you handle that?
    A: [update] At the beginning of each game, I ask the character to make a gadgeteering roll. A success indicates "one" gadget has been invented.  The gadgeetr's ability is equal to the inventor's gadgeteering rank. The gadget/invention remains for one game. If the inventor wants to make more than one device, or a device with more than ability, they suffer a 1 pip penalty on the roll. The number of devices desired must be declared when the initial roll is made.
    Q: What if my character wants to develop an invention as a permanent ability?
    A: Once your character creates an invention, the character is allowed to spend one training point and buy it as an ability (adding it to their inventory) at rank 5 instead of rank 1, like other exotic abilities. It may then advance normally through trains.  Even though the invention may be exotic, the act of having created a gadget through invention creates familiarity. As an optional rule, the gadget could begin at the rank of the invention ability, if an additional training point is spent for each rank difference. Example: If an inventor creates a power sword with rank 8 invention ability; and then wishes to purchase it and make it permanent. Instead of beginning at 5, they want it to remain at rank 8. The cost would be 4 trains; 1 train to buy it and three more for the rank difference.
    Quick reference: Rank 5, cost 1; Rank 6, cost 2; Rank 7, cost 3; Rank 8, cost 4; Rank 9, cost 5
    Q: Can I make gadgets to distribute to the rest of the party? Say, I make a force field device, can I then give one to everybody? 
    A: Yes, if you declare how many you want to make before you make the ability roll. This must be done at the beginning of the game. You may make 1 identical device per success rolled. This is only considered one gadget, for the sake of number of gadgets a character may create.
  5. Foundation Ability
    Can you use an everyman ability (rank 4) as a foundation ability to stack additional abilities on top of?
    A: No. You must actually have an ability in your character's ability inventory before you can stack on top of it. You can't stack something onto nothing.
    Q: Can you reuse Foundation abilities in the same turn?
    A: Yes. You can re-use any ability in the same phase, or turn.
  6. Enhanced Foundation Abilities, IE The Super-Strength Rule.
    Q: What if I choose to develop the ability "Super Strength." How would that work?
    A: In the case of Super Strength, you would actually just enhance their normal strength, using the following rulesAt a cost of 10 building points, you can add an entire category to an ability. Since all abilities are considered category 1 as a default, 10 BP would shift it to category 2. Another 10 BP (20 total) would make it category 3, etc, etc, etc. Refer to he Practical Comparison Table in the book to see what that would mean. Remember the totals given in the PCT are multiplied by a factor of 10 for each category increase.

     Category 1 x1
     Category 2 x10
     Category 3 x100
     Category 4 x1,000
     Category 5 x10,000


Scaldcrow Generic

  1. Compatibility With Bare Bones Beyond
    Are Scaldcrow Generic products fully compliant with B3?
    A:Yes. Any generic product is an appropriate resource for a B3 game; with the exception that Hits are not given. Hits will have to be determined by deciding the overall risk level of the encounter, and multiplying the RL by 3 and subtracting 8. Pick the risk level between 01 and 19, where 1 is feeble, 4 is average, 10 is world class, 15 is heroic, 20 is superheroic, 40 is monstrous/epic, and 50+ is godlike.   
  2. Optional Ability Mechanic
    Why do early Scaldcrow Generic products differ in their optional skill and ability mechanics?
    Over the course of the first few projects we refined the abilities mechanics. The mechanic eventually became the basis for Bare Bones Multiverse and later, Bare Bones Beyond.

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