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08/16/2015 - Alyssa Faden maps have been unlocked!
08/05/2015 - Alyssa Faden agrees to do maps for Wild West Horse Opera: Slow Funeral Ridge and Arizona Territory.
08/05/2015 - Ron Fortier agrees to write a story for Wild West Horse Opera.
08/05/2015 - At 10:oo am on the 5th the Wild West Horse Opera RPG (Three Book Bundle) hit its initial goal. That's less than 24  
                          hours; simply amazing.
08/04/2015 - At 5pm es Kickstarter for Wild West Horse Opera RPG (Three Book Bundle) begins
05/22/2015 - Ron Fortier's Cape Noire RPG was successfully funded! Thanks everybody we did it together.
04/21/2015 - At 9pm es Kickstarter for this project begins.
02/07/2015 - New Random Generators have been uploaded to the Lab: Watering Hole (saloon namer),
                          Ghost Town Namer, and Western 3-act Story generator.
02/07/2015 - New random generators have been uploaded to the Lab: Pulp Planet, Pulp Robot, Pulp Spaceship,
                          Warlord (for Science Fiction).
06/28/2014 - Scaldcrow Games will be publishing an exciting game in the Worlds of Pulp series called Gunsmoke and Shadows
                           by John Fox.
02/28/2014 - Scaldcrow games, Worlds of Pulp will be designing the first official map of Cape Noir, for Ron Fortier's Brother Bones
02/28/2014 -T. Glenn Bane has began work adapting "Ron Fortier's Brother Bones Role Playing Game" to the Worlds of Pulp.
02/28/2014 - Worlds of Pulp: Generic Random Event tables for Pulp-Noir is available at
02/28/2014 - Worlds of Pulp: Generic Random Event tables for Super Heroes is now a Best Copper Seller at
02/03/2014 - Streets of Samhain is now available for free as a PDF at  10¢ Copy, on the Freebies and Features page. Get yours now!
02/02/2014 - T. Glenn Bane reached an agreement with Ron Fortier for Scaldcrow Games to produce a Brother Bones/Cape Noire
                            setting for the Worlds of Pulp.
01/22/2014 - Tomorrow, January, 23, 2014, 7:00-10:00 Central will be appearing on an All-Star Q&A panel at RPGnet, hosted by
                           Dan Davenport. The event address is
01/03/2014 - Website was optimized.
01/02/2014 - Optional rules from November and December 2013 now available on PDF at "Lab."
01/02/2014 - Clarifications of "10¢ Copy" is posted in FAQ. 
01/02/2014 - Hyborean Namer is posted in the "Mad Scientist Lab."
01/02/2014 - New optional rules are posted in the "Mad Scientist Lab."
01/02/2014 - On January 23, 2014, 7:00-10:00 p.m. EST, T. Glenn Bane will be appearing at an All-Star Q&A panel at RPGnet, hosted by                             Dan Davenport. This will be Bane's third appearance at this location. The event address is
01/01/2014 - Free unedited adventure, War-Heart available for free at 10¢ copy.
01/01/2014 - Happy Birthday 2014!
12/31/2013 - Scaldcrow Games says goodbye to 2013, and welcome 2014 wholeheartedly.
12/19/2013 - Paradigm: Sapphire City print and play card game by Foxhammer Press has been sent to select backers.
                         Look for their Kickstarter in the new year. We will help by sending out announcement.
12/19/2013 - Rotwang City: The City of Shadows, updated PDF has been sent.
12/19/2013 - First 10¢ Copy to be posted at on New Years. It will be an adventure set in Robert E. Howard's                                      Thurian Age, using the Worlds of Pulp: B3  core rules. 
12/18/2013 - Rotwang City: The City of Shadows was updated with additional editting. New digital copies will be sent to backers.
12/14/2013 - Crow Crew T-Shirt designs in January.
12/14/2013 - Scaldcrow Games is having serious discussions with Drew Meyer, author of Vault of Lies and Museum of Death about 
                             an exciting new pulp project in 2014. More to come on this later.
12/14/2013 - Look for "One Night Stand-Offs" in upcoming issues of Citizen Crow. More on this later.
12/14/2013 - Official announcement of "10 Cent Copy" on Worlds of Pulp. <LEARN MORE>
12/13/2013 - There is a 5 star review posted about Rotwang City: The City of Shadows at Drivethru RPG. <READ REVIEW>
12/12/2013 - Rotwang Ciity: The City of Shadows and Davey Beauchamp's Amazing Pulp Adventures have both been enjoying a                                        strong holiday start.
12/10/2013 - The official name of the Scaldcrow Games demo team is the Crow Crew.
12/01/2013 - Rotwang City: The City of Shadows is available in PDF fornat at Drivethru ROG.
11/27/2013 - Scaldcrow Games makes, The Fire Within, available for sale at Drivethru RPG.
11/16/2013 - T. Glenn Bane, Theresa Bane, Davey Beauchamp, and Drew Meyer to arrive at MACE 2013, gaming convention.
11/10/2013 - An interview from GAMER'S CODEX with Davey Beauchamp.
11/07/2013 - T. Glenn Bane will have printed copies of Davey Beauchamp's Amazing Pulp Adventures with him at MACE 2013 in                                      Charlotte, NC on November 15-17.
11/06/2013 - Davey Beauchamp's Amazing Pulp Aventures is now available for digital sale at 
11/04/2013 - Rotwang City and Sapphire City Pins have arrived at Scaldcrow Games
10/31/2013 - Bare Bones Beyond went live at Drive Thru RPG
10/29/2013 - Discussions began with Drew Meyer about a new game project of short one night advenbtures entitled
                              One Night Stand Offs.

10/05/2013 - Currently reviewing book ideas for 2014.
10/03/2013 - T. Glenn Bane appearing at  MACE 2013, The Carolinas' Best Gaming Con, November 15-17, Hilton Charlotte                
                              University Place, Charlotte NC.
10/02/2013 - "Zombi" is now the accepted cannon for Scaldcrow Games, replacing "zombie," in most instances.
10/02/2013 - Scaldcrow opens up facebook vote on preferred termanology for Zombie, i.e. Revenent, Zombi, etc. The result will                                       become Scaldcrow Cannon for a Voodoo style animate.
10/01/2013 - Scaldcrow announces Dr. Alienstein generic book for Halloween 2014. Not yet settled on title or author.
09/28/2013 - Jayson Hammer and John Fox of Fox Hammer interviewed on October 9th, 8 central on rpgnet by Dan Davenport.
09/27/2013 - "The Tower of Doctor Alienstein," released for sale in digital format on Drivethru RPG. A Worlds of Pulp Book.