News about Wild West Horse Opera Kickstarter - Happening Now!

  • We have unlocked the following stretch goals: Map of Slow Funeral Ridge and nearby Arizona territorial map by Alyssa Faden, Bass Reeves Character Bundle, Tom Horn Character Bundle, and Stagecoach Mary Character Bundle. We will unlock the Big Fiction Character  Bundle at $2,000.
  • Nick Alhelm is writing a Kit West western story for us. Kit was originally a character who was introduced by Avon in Cowpuncher comics. She was an incredible who is in drastic need of upgrading to a modern mindset.
  • Nick Alhelm and Scaldcrow Games are involved in a cross promotion. If both of our Kickstarters succeed then characters from Lightweight: Beyond beyond will be included in a special character bonus section in our Character Book. So make sure you back both projects. Back Wild West Horse Opera and Lightweight: Beyond!
  • There is a $150 level which is open to businesses. We are providing business ads in this book. So long as your business is appropriate for general audiences we welcome your sponsorship. To learn more about the level, click the banner above and then scroll down to the bottom backer level.
  • Scaldcrow Founder, T. Glenn Bane will be appearing on a Q&A session discussing the Wild West Horse Opera (Three Book Bundle) at 8pm central on August 21st More details to follow later.
  • Ron Fortier, the founder of Airship 27 has graciously offered to write a western story for this project.

Extra! Extra!
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Below is an example of the Masked Marvel, who will be appearing in the forth character bundle. Also in that bundle will be Zorro, Lone Rider, Ghost Rider, Gun Master, and Gunsmoke.

The Character Record Sheet

With Ron Fortier's Cape Noire and continuing through Wild West Horse Opera and Night of the Wendigo we are transitioning to the Bare Bones Beyond rules, with added crunch. Here is an example of that record sheet.

Illustration by Chris Hopkins

Phantom Gunslinger

for Six Gun Red

T. Glenn Bane has written a novella to accompany this Kickstarter. It is titled Six Gun Red. It is the story of a Civil War veteran who, while suffering from amnesia begins to wander from adventure to adventure, suffering visions of a phantom dog and a nightmarish crow. These visions accompany him on his adventures, both leading and driving him towards danger.

Sequential Artist Chris Hopkins surprised Glenn with this incredible illustration depicting the Phantom Gunslinger in knuckle-biting firefight.

The Kickstarter, "Wild West Horse Opera RPG (Three Book Bundle)," will provide funds to bring more artists like Chris on-board.

Excerpt from Six Gun Red, written by T. Glenn Bane

Hell’s Dog lived up its name. Little more than a refuge for river pirates, it turned out to be a poor choice to stop and re-provision. Not exactly my first mistake I’ve made chasing in the tracks of the ghost dog; that blasted spirit cur that weaves me in and out of danger like a fancy Cherokee stitch. The town was a place where good intentions were laid down and shot. Persistent sweat poured into my eyes in a steady stream making it harder and harder to see; of course it could have just been the sun cooking my brain. I pushed back the salty sweat, and tried to clear my vision. The memory of the padre’s burnt husk looked up at me when I squeezed my eyes closed. If those flat boat pirates caught up with me, they would skin me alive. That was nothing considering what had been done to the padre. I don’t guess just anybody would have taken up his cause and championed his burned out mission against those stinkin’ river coyotes—no, that takes a particular brand of fool; same kind of fool that would have kissed that river pirate in the forehead with a bullet. I am just that brand of fool. It seems that it’s the same wherever I go. A sudden stab of pain caught me by surprise as my sun-chapped lip split under the weight of my grin.

Listen to the Phantom Gunslinger in an old radio style show titled: Bullets of the West

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