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Scaldcrow Games (SG) is a tabletop role playing game publisher that specializes in the Worlds of Pulp, exploring all of the classical pulp settings. As a company, we pay particular attention to ease
And flexibility of the rules, promoting teamwork and fun and rewarding Game play.

We are an indie game company that operates out of Staunton, VA, at the foot of the Shenandoah    
Fewer Rules Means Bigger Gaming
Article by T. Glenn Bane
Do you remember when you were a kid and you played only within the confines of your own imagination? Your bedroom could be a starship, and every other room of the house, a different alien world. It was just that easy, all you had to do was want it. But as TABLE TOP ROLE PLAYING GAMES came along promising that same experience, something was lost. The games were great fun but restricted what you could do. More and more rules encumbered the basic premise of “PLAYING”.

How can you have a ROLE PLAYING GAME, without giving proper attention to the idea, no the philosophy of
SG has always believed that the rules of the game should be present but, really, only there to support and enhance the game PLAY and storytelling aspect of the experience. For this reason, our games only use two, common, six sided, dice. Our tables are simple, character creation is quick, and experience is streamlined and simplified.

The statistics used to describe most encounters is a name and a number representing their relative effectiveness. This is so the GM (Game Moderator) is free to tell a story and not get bogged down in distracting minutia. Simplified rules like this allow GMs to spend time with their friends and not be eternally bound to one end of the table with their nose in a book, looking up rules that tell player’s what they cannot do.

We feel you can tell the greatest stories ever imagined and we want you to feel empowered to do that!